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The Name

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” – John 1:5

And FRST JOHN was born. 

The Fit

FRST JOHN is a purpose-driven brand focused on designing feminine yet functional womenswear. Our goal is to embolden women through unique, quality driven designs that accentuate YOU. Each collection is thoughtfully designed, sourced, and manufactured with real women and real life in mind. 

Beyond The Fit

Our Texas based founder and designer knew it was necessary to create not only a beautiful brand, but one steeped in philanthropy. Her own experiences with abuse have driven her to lead her life with purpose and help others who have struggled with the same. A portion of every garment sold from our curated collections will be donated to local women’s shelters specializing in domestic and sexual abuse. Join us in empowering women, in style.